Solid burning fuel ovens

Solid Burning Fuel ovens such wood-fired pizza ovens pose a fire hazard if not cleaned as regularly as every four (4) months or more. 

"Solid Fuel Burning Oven" means a chimney-connected device that burns solid fuel designed for purposes of cooking. When a solid burning fuel unit is used, it deposits what is referred to as creosote into the system or flue. The main issue with creosote is that it's extremely flammable. As the amount of creosote inside the chimney flue increases so does your risk of a fire in your commercial kitchen. This can pose a huge fire risk. By not having the creosote removed, you will not only run the risk of a fire but also be endangering your employees.

ECS cleans both the dome and chimney system as part of our oven cleaning service.

Not only does ECS clean all your kitchen equipment, but we also clean the various ovens used in the commercial or industrial kitchen today. These include your common microwave oven, conveyor oven, conventional oven, and combination ovens.

Oven Cleaning is an important part of maintenance and safety for various reasons:

 • Reduces fire risk

 • Improves mechanical and operational efficiency

 • Keeps heat levels properly calibrated

 • Removes food and other debris so it can't contaminate the product

 • Extends the life of your equipment

 • Prevents more costly repairs down the road

The prescribed frequency of cleaning your pizza oven is at maximum every four (4) months according to the SANS regulations. Having an effective cleaning plan in place has never been easier than with ECS Deep Clean Industries.

With proper cleaning, restaurant owners can provide their patrons with the unique flavors of solid fuel cooking, without the dangers associated with unmaintained creosote build-ups. Not only does it need to be cleaned to reduce fire risks, but also maintaining your solid burning ovens, you will avoid any unwanted smells, textures, or flavors.

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