ECS Deep Clean Industries want our client to comply with the Health and Safety Regulations by SANS by obtaining a valid extractor cleaning certificate.

ECS Deep Clean Industries specializes in the deep cleaning of commercial and industrial kitchen extraction systems in and around Pretoria. Therefore, complying with the National Health and Safety Regulations enables you to make hygienic and safe business decisions when it comes to your commercial kitchen. With the National Pandemic, the health and safety of your employees and customers are of utmost importance. You always have to ensure that your business stays compliant with the Health and Safety Regulations to avoid temporary foreclosure or a hefty fine.

The cleaning service includes the specialized cleaning of the canopy, filters, tanks, fat traps, ventilation, chimney, ducting, fan, motor, cowls. We are also able to perform the service on private systems with substantial size. We provide the required health and safety files to ensure that our clients are cleared at any stage by any health and safety officer. We adhere and revere Occupational Health and Safety to the highest degree. You must have a professional deep cleaning done as well as the cleaning of your kitchen equipment regularly at least every six months following SANS regulations.

ECS Deep Clean Industries not only delivers a full extractor system inspection, but we also check for leaks in the ducting, check for rust as well as inspect the panels inside the extractor filter to eliminating the risk for any abrasions on the filter which may cause to breakage of the filters or preventing proper suction. Cleaning of your commercial will take place after hours to ensure that your restaurant has no loss in revenue due to the cleaning process.

The certificate will contain the following as per the SANS guidelines:

• Certificate of compliance with the NFPA-96 guidelines – Failure to comply with the NFPA -96 guidelines may result in a fine or the closing of your restaurant until such cleaning has been done.
• - SANS 8-3.1.2 When a vent cleaning service is used, a certificate showing date of inspection or cleaning shall be maintained on the premises. After cleaning is completed, the vent cleaning contractor shall place or display within the kitchen area, a label indicating the date cleaned and the name of the servicing company. It shall also indicate areas not cleaned.

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