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Commercial Kitchen Cleaning In The Covid 19 Pandemic

With the coronavirus infection rate, most restaurants' trading hours have been affected as well as the number of diners in a restaurant was decreased. The time to be more vigilant towards your commercial and industrial kitchen's hygiene and sanitation of work surfaces, equipment, floors, and walls, is now.

Safety Of Employees In Commercial And Industrial Kitchens

ECS Deep Clean Industries provides services for deep cleaning and sanitation of commercial and industrial kitchen extractor fans, surfaces, walls, and floors. With the global pandemic still on our doorstep, ECS provides you with peace of mind when it comes to the sanitation of your industrial or commercial kitchen surfaces, walls, and floors. With the use of specific food-safe chemicals, we remove the grime, dirt, and dirt in compliance with the health and safety regulations and ensure the best practice principles.

How to ensure your restaurant is compliant with the protocols:

  • Ensure that all high-touch areas such as surfaces, door handles, taps, cabinet doors, and cooking equipment be sanitized and cleaned frequently. These are the surfaces that are touched most throughout the day and the risk of cross-contamination is higher in such working spaces if not properly cleaned. It is still unclear as to how long the virus can survive on different types of surfaces and therefore the importance to keep all surfaces and high touch areas clean and sanitized at all times.
  • Ensure that all employees make time for increased hand washing routines. Cross-contamination can take place at any given time. When working with food, your employees must increase the frequency with which they wash their hands.
  • Sanitize your commercial or industrial kitchen after each business day. Sanitizing will not only help protect yourself and your employees but also your customers. Ensuring that your premises is sanitized and properly cleaned, is essential to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Practice proper safety and sanitation guidelines throughout the business day. As with all our staff employed at ECS Deep Clean Industries, all staff must wear a face mask at all times, not only to help protect the employee against the virus but prevents cross-contamination in the workplace.

Without proper sanitation and deep cleaning of your commercial kitchen, cross-contamination can occur in any commercial or industrial kitchen as bacteria and viruses grow on surfaces.

ECS Deep Clean Industries introduced a few new services to our existing services at the end of 2020. Not only do we specialize in deep cleaning of all commercial and industrial kitchens, we now specialize in the sanitizing of commercial and industrial kitchens and solar panel cleaning as well.

ECS Deep Clean Industries strives to provide every restaurant owner with peace of mind with food-safe chemicals and a clean industrial or commercial kitchen. Our goal is to build healthy, long-lasting relationships with all clients, through delivering a service that exceeds expectations and creates trust between the service provider and consumer.

We apply every effort to increase our knowledge in all innovations in the industry to serve our customers with the latest services and equipment in their business.

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