At ECS we understand how important it is for you to keep your kitchen running optimally at all times, after all, it is the heart of your business. Extraction system cleaning serves a far higher purpose than just ensuring a clean looking extraction system. The kitchen extraction system might appear clean on the outside but have you checked inside?


Cleaning and Maintenance of Extractor Systems


The cleaning and maintenance of the ventilation and ducting systems is a highly specialized process with many health and safety risks if not done in a professional and responsible manner. Ventilation and ducting systems facilitate the discharge of the fumes and smoke from the preparation areas in the kitchen.

ECS Deep Clean Industries specializes in the cleaning of commercial and industrial kitchen extraction systems nationwide. The cleaning service includes the specialized cleaning of the canopy, filters, tanks, fat traps, ventilation, chimney, ducting, fan, motor, cowls. Our cleaning services are carried out in accordance with SANS regulations.


Purpose of an extractor fan?

Prevention is better than cure. Taking preventative measures will not only ensure your commercial kitchen is a safe working environment but will save you money on repairs and the discomfort of noisy fans taking over the kitchen. An extractor fan is certainly the hardest working appliance in all commercial kitchens, but often little to no attention is given to this highly beneficial appliance required by law in all commercial kitchens. Extractor systems play a crucial role in all commercial kitchens and serve to ensure a healthy and conducive environment for cooking. The extractor fan exchanges hot kitchen air for cool outside air and this, in turn, reduces the risk of health problems for kitchen employees as the extractor fan removes carbon monoxide from the air. 

Extractor Inspection

There are certain requirements that an extractor fan (in any industrial kitchen space) must adhere to. The ventilation system is installed to control air movement in such a way that it will not lead to discomfort for the employees in the kitchen. 

ECS Deep Clean Industries delivers a full extractor system inspection whilst performing the cleaning service of that system every time! We check for leaks in the ducting, we lookout for rust or un-repairable holes that can occur in old systems. We inspect the extractor filters for the condition of the panels inside the extractor filter as well as making sure there is no abrasion on the filter which can lead to the filter breaking or preventing proper suction through it.


Supply and Install

We supply your extraction system installation equipment with the added value of being able to install and certify your system. Safety always comes first, and prevention is better than cure. Phone ECS Deep Clean Industries today for your quotation.

We are Deep Cleaning Specialists when it comes to commercial kitchen cleaning.