Extractor systems play a crucial role in all commercial and industrial kitchens. These systems serve to ensure a healthy and conducive environment for all employees while cooking.

What is an extractor fan?

An Extractor fan is a mechanical fan that draws smoke, steam, and evaporated fats and grease out of the air, allowing for a fresh airflow in your kitchen. Extractor systems are a vital component when it comes to commercial and industrial kitchens. If this system is kept clean and serviced regularly, this will help clean the air in your commercial kitchen.

Benefits of extractor fans in commercial kitchens?

Clean and fresh air Extraction systems help protect your work environment by eliminating potentially harmful inhalants. Because commercial extraction systems are so efficient at cleaning the air, they also help cut down on the growth of bacteria, germs, and mould.

How Often does my extraction system need cleaning?

Extraction system cleaning serves a far higher purpose than just ensuring a clean-looking extraction system. The kitchen extraction system might appear clean on the outside but what about inside the duct? Extraction system cleaning is a requirement in every commercial kitchen that prepares food on a commercial level as it assists in the o prevention of fires and health risks such as mould, airborne bacteria, and moisture accumulating on ceilings and/or walls.

Frequent inspection of your commercial kitchen extraction system is vital to prevent fires and to pass health inspections. All commercial kitchen extraction systems need cleaning, though the frequency of these may vary due to operational output and types of food being prepared.

Most commonly these extraction systems need cleaning every 6 months and if you are using charcoal-burning ovens such as Pizza Ovens, Tandoori Ovens, or other burning fuel systems, you should have those extraction systems checked and cleaned every 4 months.

Is the inspection of your extractor fans and commercial kitchen necessary?

Absolutely. These systems are made to prevent fires When it comes to fire hazards and the safety of your employees, clients, and your property it is critical to ensure safety measures are followed. Ensuring all extractor fans are in working and proper condition regularly and having the system serviced regularly is an absolute necessity in every commercial kitchen.

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