Restaurants Can Re-Open!

Welcome to the new level 3 of the lockdown where restaurants can open their doors once again and operate under the restrictions provided in the Government Gazette.

Now is the perfect time to take better care of your extractor fan. Compliance with the national lockdown regulations is essential during these extremely difficult times. Every restaurant needs to take these measures seriously and comply with the Health and Safety standard put in place. The last thing any restaurant can afford is your business is closed due to the health inspector who pays a surprise visit and find that you are not abiding by the Health & Safety Laws of South Africa.

Every commercial and industrial kitchen needs to be ventilated and without proper care to comply with these regulations, it poses a health and safety hazard to each employee. Ventilation in commercial and industrial kitchens can be improved with the installation of an extractor fan.

Purpose of a ventilated kitchen?

Ventilation is the key point for any safe and secure kitchen. Extractor fans are designed to extract heat, smoke, fumes, steam, and grease providing for healthier working circumstances.

Proper implementation of the ventilation system is very necessary for any commercial kitchen. In a commercial kitchen, grease is the most common cause of the fire. Kitchens, where a lot of frying and cooking is done, are much more vulnerable to health hazards.

Importance of cleaning an extractor system:

When we look into extractor fan cleaning services, these services are there to help maintain a proper and healthy working environment. Depending on the size of your kitchen, you might have a single or a three-phase extractor system.

If extractor fans are well maintained, it can save a lot of money in the long run. Without proper maintenance of commercial and industrial extractor fan cleaning, there might be several reasons for your insurance company not to pay out should your business catch fire.

Who to call for extractor cleaning?

Compliance with the national lockdown regulations is essential for every business in order to be open during these difficult times. If you are looking for "commercial extractor fan cleaning services near me", please contact ECS Deep Clean Industries for fast, efficient, and reliable extractor fan services. ECS Deep Clean Industries love clean environments in all commercial and industrial kitchens. Our core business is the cleaning and certification of extraction systems. We specialize in the deep cleaning of industrial and commercial extraction systems. ECS Deep Clean Industries is a leader in the extraction installation, maintenance, and cleaning industry,  creating industry standards through our workmanship and excellent customer relations.

Your service is our passion, your satisfaction is our reward. We provide 24-hour service and pride ourselves on punctuality and efficiency.