Insurance company's do require an Extractor Cleaning Certificate for your commercial kitchen's extraction system. The Extractor Cleaning Certificate provides them with the necessary proof that your extraction system was cleaned and de-greased to a suitable and safe level for operation. 

What does an Extractor Cleaning Certificate stand for?

Internal cleanliness of ventilation systems. 

An Extractor certificate is a legal requirement which we need to comply with, according to the National Health and Safety Regulations and per SANS. 

Upon inspection of your commercial restaurants' kitchen, the Health & Safety inspector might request to see your extractor cleaning certificate to ensure you comply with the National Health & Safety Regulations.  

Every commercial kitchen needs to comply with the regulations as set out by SANS. Not only is a non-compliant commercial kitchen at risk for a fire hazard, but they are endangering the lives of the employees as well. Failing to comply with the National Health & Safety Regulations, might result in a hefty fine and for-closure of the restaurant. 

Risks - Dirty Commercial Extractor Systems

There are significant risks in any commercial kitchen and not keeping a clean commercial kitchen extraction system, poses dangers to the employees, diners, and yourself. 

Some of the risks include: 

* Poor Air Circulation 

* Poor Air Hygiene 

* Increased risk of fire

* Inspection Failure 

* Bad Smells

Obtaining a Valid Extractor Cleaning Certificate 

At ECS Deep Clean Industries, we want our clients to be compliant with the National Health And safety Regulations and per SANS. 

Our cleaning services include specialized cleaning of the canopy, filters, tanks, fat traps, ventilation, chimney, ducting, fan, motor, and cowls. Deep cleaning your commercial kitchen enables you to ensure hygienic working conditions, a safe working environment, and a fire hazard-free kitchen. 

Compliance with the SANS regulations is something every commercial kitchen needs to adhere to, to avoid foreclosure and/or a hefty fine. Upon completion of the deep cleaning of your extractor system, ECS Deep Clean Industries will supply you with the necessary certification. Our recommendation for the cleaning frequency of your commercial kitchen can be found on our FAQ page.

Having professional deep cleaning done to be cleared by the Health And Safety Department is a legal requirement. ECS Deep Clean Industries are here to assist your restaurant in passing the Health inspection every time. 

Our range of services includes much more, to see our other services, head on over to our services page