Finding a reliable and trustworthy commercial extractor specialist is not an easy task. Often our clients are unaware of the importance of having their fans cleaned professionally. But by using ECS Deep Clean Industries, you can be sure that your extractor fan specialists will be licensed, insured and professional cleaners who concentrate on all aspects of kitchen extractor fan cleaning services.

Why should my extractor fan be cleaned regularly?

Extractor fan cleaning is often neglected. As a result, the regular extraction points can become blocked and ineffective. The extractor fan has to be cleaned of grease, dust and any other particles that may restrict ventilation. This can lead to malfunctioning of the whole system. This can have a negative impact on your extractor fan’s performance, cause it to overheat and even start a fire. Always perform at least an annual maintenance check to ensure that your extractor fan is performing at its best.

If your commercial or industrial extractor fan isn't working properly, you may be putting your staff and customers at risk. When an extractor fan isn't cleaned regularly, it becomes blocked with dirt and grease, which reduces the amount of air flow it can create, meaning that less air is able to circulate throughout your work environment. This can lead to a build up of harmful fumes and an overall increase in temperatures, which can directly impact the health and safety of your staff and customers.

And when it comes to complying with safety regulations, regular cleaning is essential. While you might not always be able to see dirt or grease on an extractor fan's exterior casing, there will almost certainly be some kind of residue inside if air isn't flowing properly – so if you're looking to ensure cleanliness and have a safer working environment in general, then it's well worth having your extractor vent systems cleaned professionally every 6 months or so.

What to look for in a Trustworthy Commercial Extractor Specialist?

ECS Deep Clean Industries is a full service commercial kitchen extractor specialist offering all aspects of extractor maintenance and repairs. Whether you have an emergency or planned works, we take a ‘total solution’ approach to every project. It’s this personal touch that sets us apart from the competition. Our expert team of technicians will provide you with a competitively priced quote with no hidden extras, giving you confidence that whatever the job may be, it will be done on time and on budget!

Difference between normal cleaning and commercial kitchen cleaning services:

The difference between normal cleaning and commercial kitchen cleaning services is the amount of knowledge involved, procedures and techniques. The proper knowledge of the kitchen equipment is necessary to prevent expensive repairs. Using specialized materials, equipment, and an eye for detail will ensure the best clean possible.

Commercial kitchen cleaning services are generally more thorough than a normal cleaning service, and may involve specific chemicals or equipment to get rid of grease, grime and stains. Commercial kitchens operate at a high volume, so it is important to clean them regularly in order to keep food safe for consumption and prevent build up that might lead to fires. The goal is not just to remove soil but to remove it without damaging surfaces or cutting corners.

Which other services does ECS Deep Clean Industries provide?

We provide a range of commercial and industrial extractor fan services to ensure that your extraction system is working to its optimum efficiency. We ensure the safety of your staff and the sanitary condition of your kitchen by providing regular scheduled maintenance checks and service, ensuring that it’s safe for the food inspector to pay a visit anytime. Our on-site service means there’s no need for you to undertake the cost or disruption of removing your fan from site.

Commercial extractor fan cleaning specialist ECS Deep Clean Industries is ready to help you with all your commercial kitchen extractor fan repair and maintenance needs. Whether you have a restaurant, coffee shop or hotel that needs their extractor fans serviced, or require an installation of new kitchen, bathroom or toilet extractor fans ECS can do it for you.