Why is my extractor fan leaking oil?

A leaking extractor fan might have many causes.  ECS Deep Clean Industries are the specialists when it comes to extractor fan installations, extractor fan repair and cleaning thereof.

An extractor fan is certainly the hardest working appliance in all commercial kitchens, but often little to no attention is given to this highly beneficial appliance required by law in all commercial kitchens.  

Leaking extractor fans is a problem all commercial kitchens would like to avoid. The main purpose of an extractor fan is to trap dirt, grease and grime. But when your extractor fan starts leaking, it might drip on to burners and stove tops. A leaking extractor fan could have the following possible causes:

Your range hood needs cleaning – Over time, dirt, grease and grime build up in the range hoods and needs to be maintained and thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. Leaving this matter unattended could result in further damage that might require the extractor fan to be repaired or could hold a fire risk to your property.

Your filter might be full – Like most appliances that filter air, your range hood ventilates using one or a series of filters to catch air pollutants. Over time, these filters will become full or clogged with oil and grease. When that happens, it could influence the functioning of your range hood. When your extractor fan is maintained and cleaned regularly by professionals like ECS Deep Clean Industries, you can prevent full filters that drip onto burners and stove tops.

Your fan is not functioning properly – If a key component of your range hood is not functioning properly or not working completely, it is time for extractor fan repairs. A range hood fan that is not in working condition, can’t filter the air and trap the particles in the commercial kitchen. Should you notice your vent fan spinning to slow or not at all, this might also be due to a loose or broken fan belt.

Ventilation - A ducted extractor fan generally has leaking problems because of the ventilation. If there is a hole or tear in any of the air ducts, it could be allowing moisture in and that could be the source of your problem.

ECS Deep Clean Industries work around your schedule ensuring that your extractor fan maintenance is done at a convenient time. Preventative care is always better than a commercial kitchen shut down due to leaking extractor fans.

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ECS Deep Clean Industries offers Fat Trap Cleaning and bio-dosing. When you book your Extractor Fan Cleaning you can ask to include your kitchens fat trap cleaning service also, alternatively, you can get the cleaning of your fat trap as a separate service. 

Also known as a grease trap, a fat trap is required in all commercial and industrial kitchens to prevent hot fat, grease and oil from entering the sewer system and causing blockages.

In order to prevent blockages of the sewer system due to accumulated fats and oils discharged from food facilities, many wastewater treatment agencies require a fat trap. Your commercial kitchens fat trap must comply with SANS 10 252-2, as referenced by National Building Regulations (SANS 10 400 P) in that the filtering of FOG needs to be sufficient in preventing any greasy fatty particles to enter into the drainage system. One of the best ways to maintain your kitchens fat trap is with bio-dosing, which in short mean we pour a bioagent that eats away the FOG into the fat trap. Then we do the cleaning of the fat trap unit on the specific basis required to match your kitchens FOG production.

Fat trap cleaning should be scheduled at least every 4 to 6 weeks, however depending in the size of your fat trap it does need to be maintained on a weekly basis.

Fat Trap Cleaning.

Cleaning grease traps prevent solidified fats, oils, and grease from sticking to the insides of the drainage pipes, which as a result traps food particles and other debris. When done in the right way, cleaning your kitchens’ grease trap will ensure a hygienic environment in your commercial kitchen. 

ECS offers many other services on top of the cleaning and maintenance of your kitchen’s fat trap. ECS Deep Clean Industries are specialists in the industry when it comes to Extractor Fan Cleaning extractor canopy cleaning, extractor system Installation, extractor canopy Filters as well as Extractor duct cleaning.

Don’t compromise on the health and safety standards of your commercial kitchen, call ECS Deep Clean Industries today for all your Fat Trap Cleaning and Extractor Fan Cleaning needs.  All our products are food safe ensuring client’s peace of mind.

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All major commercial kitchens are required to have an extractor system in place for the commercial cooking equipment such as ranges, griddles and fryers. As we know, these extractor hoods are designed to remove steam, heat, smoke, fumes and dirty air.

However, the air in all commercial kitchens is filled with bits of grease and food residue that can clog up the ductwork in the hood system if not filtered properly. Ensuring you choose the correct extractor filter for your commercial kitchen will keep your exhaust hood working and ensure clean commercial kitchen air. When it comes to your commercial extractor installation, you need to ensure you have the correct extractor filter installed according to the cooking volume of your commercial kitchen.

What is a baffle grease filter?

Baffle grease filters are installed to manage commercial kitchen grease and regulate exhaust ventilation and are generally made of stainless steel. Baffle grease filters safely guard the exhaust vents to keep flames or flammable debris from entering the ducts, and they capture grease vapours and particles to prevent them from building up in the ventilation system.

Baffle grease filters come in a variety of different sizes and dimensions. These filters help to force grease saturated air to change direction quickly and repeatedly as it rises through the filter. Because the grease droplets are unable to change direction as rapidly as the air carrying them, they condense on the metal blades and then drain into the filter. When the grease is filtered into a tray, it ensures that there is no build-up which can easily hinder airflow and the overall functioning of the filter over time. Interlocking blades in this style of a baffle grease filter also act as a flame barrier by restricting the direct path to flames to the duct system behind the filter.

Why choose a baffle grease filter?

Durability - These filters are mostly made of stainless steel is more durable than other types of filters. Most commercial kitchens use the baffle grease filter because of the durability of stainless steel.

Corrosion-resistant - Stainless steel filters are popular for their resistance to corrosion, and they will retain their shiny finish even after applying degreasers

Easy to clean – When it comes to extractor installations and choosing the correct extractor filters, we are all searching for a product that is easy to maintain, easy to clean and remains durable. Baffle grease filters are the easiest filters to clean and yet retain its shine.

Fire protection – Interlocking blades of a baffle grease filter acts as a barrier for flames by restricting the flames from entering the duct system.

ECS Deep Clean Industries will ensure that you install the correct extractor filters for your kitchen as well as maintain and clean your baffle grease filters. 

ECS Deep Clean Industries – your extractor installation specialists. 

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A noisy extractor fan is certainly not something to ignore in your commercial kitchen. If this issue is not attended to, it could possibly lead to your commercial kitchen shutting down.

What could be the cause of a noisy extractor fan?

An extractor system is one of the most important instruments in any commercial kitchen. And required by law the extractor system needs to be installed in every commercial kitchen and be cleaned and maintained at regular intervals.

Reasons, why there might be a noise in the extractor fan, might be due to the following:

  • Lack of comprehensive cleaning and maintenance;
  • The build-up of grease and dirt on the fan blades;
  • Mechanical problems with the extractor fan motor;
  • Melted wires

Lack of comprehensive cleaning and maintenance:

Extractor systems need to be cleaned at regular intervals. Depending on the usage of this system, all extractors should be cleaned at intervals of 3, 6 or 12 months.

The build-up of grease and dirt on the blades:

The build-up of grease and dirt on the blades is inevitable in commercial kitchens. This can result in unbalanced extractor fan blades. Because of the build-up of grease and dirt the extractor fan blades can rotate unevenly resulting in a noisy extractor fan.

Mechanical problems with extractor fan motor:

Mechanical problems with your commercial kitchen extractor fan motor can be due to a defective motor. A noisy extractor fan motor can also be due to the motor shaft bearings being worn out and unable to rotate, which can result in a burned-out motor.

Melted wires:

The location of your extractor fan should be planned carefully. Incorrect placement of your exhaust fan can result in melted wires and pose danger to the entire commercial kitchen. Therefore, it is important to ensure you have professionals in the industry do the installation of your extractor fan.

Cleaning and maintenance of extractor fans.

It is always essential that fans be cleaned and maintained. Keeping the motor fins, blades and casing clear of grease and build-up (which prevents the fan from running) enable the bearing to stay cool and prevent seizure of the fan motor. 

ECS Deep Clean Industries are specialists when it comes to commercial kitchen cleaning, servicing and repairing of extractor fans and upon completion of the service, ECS will supply you with a certificate that complies with all legal requirements regarding the cleaning of commercial kitchens.

Prevention is better than cure. Taking preventative measures will not only ensure your commercial kitchen is a safe working environment but will save you money on repairs and the discomfort of noisy fans taking over the kitchen.

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Extractor systems play a crucial role in all commercial kitchens and serve to ensure a healthy and conducive environment for cooking. An Extractor fan is a mechanical fan that draws smoke, steam, and evaporated fats and grease out of the air, allowing for a fresh airflow in your kitchen.

Frequent inspection of your commercial kitchen extraction system is vital to prevent fires and to pass health inspections. All commercial kitchen extraction systems need cleaning, though the frequency of these may vary due to operational output and types of food being prepared. Most commonly these extraction systems need cleaning every 6 months and if you are using charcoal-burning ovens such as Pizza Ovens, Tandoori Ovens or other burning fuel systems, you should have those extraction systems checked and cleaned every 4 months.

Extraction system cleaning serves a far higher purpose than just ensuring a clean looking extraction system. The kitchen extraction system might appear clean on the outside but what about inside the duct? Extraction system cleaning is a requirement in every commercial kitchen that prepares food on a commercial level as it assists in the o prevention of fires and health risks such as mould, air-borne bacteria and moisture accumulating on ceilings and / or walls.

What are the benefits of extractor fans in commercial kitchens?

Clean and fresh air Extraction systems help protect your work environment by eliminating potentially harmful inhalants. Because commercial extraction systems are so efficient at cleaning the air, they also help cut down on the growth of bacteria, germs, and mould.

Mechanical Ventilation are an excellent way of improving the air quality.

Grease build-up emits odours and attract pests that are not conducive to your customer’s dining experience.  Therefore, it’s crucial for your commercial kitchen extraction systems to be cleaned regularly and maintained by experienced professionals such as ECS Deep Clean Industries.

Removing excess heat from commercial kitchens - extractor fans help maintain circulation and remove excess moisture, increasing your overall indoor comfort.

Is the inspection of your extractor fans and commercial kitchen necessary?

Absolutely. These systems are made to prevent fires When it comes to fire hazards and safety of your employees, clients and your property it is critical to ensure safety measures are followed. Ensuring all extractor fans are in working and proper condition on a regular basis and having the system serviced regularly is an absolute necessity in every commercial kitchen.

When it comes to inspection of your commercial kitchen, there is no need to feel insecure of what the inspector might find. Being a qualified services provider, ECS Deep Clean Industries will ensure that you pass every inspection, every time. ECS Deep Clean Industries provides you with a certificate upon the cleaning and servicing of your extraction system.. Safety always comes first, and prevention is better than cure. Phone ECS Deep Clean Industries today for your quotation.

We are the Deep Cleaning Specialists when it comes to commercial kitchen cleaning.