Cleaning your commercial kitchen canopy in-house can be very dangerous and is not advised. Cleanliness and safety are not the only essential ingredients of a well-managed kitchen but also a mandatory requirement by The South African National Standards (SANS).

For the safe preparation, handling, and serving of food, your commercial kitchen needs to comply with rigorous Health & Safety Standards. The SANS1850 by law requires a deep clean of any commercial or trading extractor system to be cleaned every six months, failure to do so can result in a hefty fine or even closure of a business.

Dangers of uncleaned extraction systems:

• Major fire risk
• Reduced efficiency of your extraction system causing your kitchen to smoke up
• Causes oil build-up to leak through duct joints, damaging ceilings and staining walls
• Provides the ideal breeding ground for bacteria and unpleasant odours
• Environmental health hazard
• Serving of contaminated food
• Endangering the lives of your commercial kitchen staff

ECS Deep Clean Industries ensures the best quality soap is used during the deep clean service of your commercial kitchen or extractor system. ECS Deep Clean Industries use a chemical which is non-hazardous to human, biodegradable and is completely food safe. We can provide the MSDS Sheet to support this claim.

Failure to carry out regular extraction system cleaning presents a significant risk to your business. Apart from the fire risk, an uncleaned extraction system poses a significant health risk.

Finding a canopy cleaning specialist in Pretoria has never been so easy. Go to our website, , select the date for which your require our services and submit. Or alternatively, you can call us for your quotation.

ECS Deep Clean Industries have many services to offer. Not only are we your canopy cleaning specialist in Pretoria, we also install and maintain extractor canopies. For a full list of services by ECS Deep Clean Industries, please visit our website or phone us.

ECS Deep Clean Industries – The canopy cleaning specialist in Pretoria

Purchasing a pizza oven for your commercial kitchen is one of the most expensive items in your kitchen. Because of the cost involved in pizza ovens, this is one commercial kitchen item that requires regular maintenance and cleaning, ensuring optimal performance at all times. Maintaining your pizza oven will ensure the quality of your pizza, the safety of your employees as well as reduce the fire risk in your commercial kitchen.

Dirty ovens tend to cook unevenly whereas a clean oven runs much smoother. Solid fuel burners must clean their exhaust systems regularly or risk a fire hazard.

But what is considered a solid burning fuel oven?

"Solid Fuel Burning Oven" means a chimney-connected device that burns solid fuel designed for purposes of cooking. When a solid burning fuel unit is used, it deposits what is referred to as creosote into the system or flue. The main issue with creosote is that it's extremely flammable. As the amount of creosote inside the chimney flue increases so does your risk of a fire in your commercial kitchen. This can pose a huge fire risk. By not having the creosote removed, you will not only run the risk of a fire but also be endangering your employees.

When it comes to the effective management and removal of creosote in your kitchen’s solid fuel system, there is just one solution. That solution is regular and professional cleaning by ECS Deep Clean Industries.

How often should you clean your pizza oven?

With proper cleaning, restaurant owners can provide their patrons with the unique flavours of solid fuel cooking, without the dangers associated with unmaintained creosote build-ups. Not only does it need to be cleaned to reduce fire risks, but your commercial kitchen’s pizza oven needs to be cleaned to avoid any unwanted smells, textures or flavours.

The prescribed frequency of cleaning your pizza oven is at maximum every 4 months according to the SANS regulations. Having an effective cleaning plan in place has never been easier than with ECS Deep Clean Industries.

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In need of an industrial extractor fan installation?  ECS Deep Clean Industries are not only the extractor fan installation specialists in Gauteng, we also deep clean and maintain your industrial extractor fan.

As a legal requirement in all restaurants, extractor fans must be installed and maintained to the prescribed by-laws. Extractor fans remove smoke, grease and fumes ensuring a safe working environment for all employees. However, there are several common extractor fan problems that can occur at any time.

Poor airflow – Extreme heat in an industrial kitchen can take its toll on the employees often working long shifts preparing the best food your restaurant has to offer. Stagnant air in an industrial kitchen is problematic and can lead to many different problems from a health point of view.. Poor airflow in an extractor fan is often related to the fan blade. Examples of possible problems might include:

  • Fan efficiency is affected.
  • Dirty fan blades and requires a deep clean
  • Dampers might be closed.
  • Leaks in duct work.
  • Dirty or clogged filters
  • Obstructed fan inlets causing system effects (No straight duct runs at fan inlet or outlet).
  • Fan not getting adequate air from outside.
  • Bad smell coming from the extractor fan 

Oil and grease accumulate in the filter of your extractor fans and therefor needs to be maintained. The most common cause of a bad smelling extractor fan is a dirty filter. Therefor it needs to be replaced (if possible) or properly cleaned. Without proper and regular cleaning, your extractor fan is unable to function at full capacity and might result in a fire hazard. Regular cleaning intervals are needed.

Noisy extractor fans

The noises you hear from your extractor fan might be more serious than you think. Leaving or ignoring the noises, might result in a total kitchen shutdown. The most common problems with a noisy extractor fan are often due to the motor struggling to keep the fan running. Leaving this matter unattended, might result in a burn out of the motor and then needs to be replaced. Determining where the noise is coming from, doesn’t have to be difficult when you have a company by your side like ECS Deep Clean Industries. With our team of specialists, we will determine the problem fast and efficiently.

Sudden increase in pressure drop

Excessive dust and grime loading due to a lack of maintenance and scheduled cleaning might result in a sudden increase in pressure dropping. Propper maintenance of your industrial extractor fan should be on top of your list when it comes to cleaning the kitchen.

ECS Deep Clean Services not only specialises in extractor fan installation, we can provide you with a healthy and clean kitchen environment making it a safe working place for all employees. ECS Deep Clean Industries supplies our valued clients with a certificate after the ducts, vents and extractor fans are cleaned making the visit from the health inspector something to look forward too.

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ECS Deep Clean Industries, your specialists when it comes to extractor fans.

ECS Deep Clean Industries specialise in designing, manufacturing, maintenance and cleaning of ventilation and ducting systems that is associated with extraction systems.

The cleaning and maintenance of the ventilation and ducting systems is a highly specialized process with many health and safety risks if not done in a professional and responsible manner. These ventilation and ducting systems facilitate the discharge of the fumes and smoke from the preparation areas in the kitchen.

The extraction system of a commercial kitchen is made up two systems namely the extraction system and the return/make up air system. Both these systems is required to make the extraction system compliant with the latest by-laws. The ventilation and ducting can run for metres through buildings and shops to the exit points, which are mostly located on the roofs of buildings. 

ECS Deep Clean Industries manufacture and install all the components required in the ventilation and ducting system and these are generally made up to order. We will assess, report and repair where necessary to make sure that your extraction system is compliant. 

ECS Deep Clean Industries are located in Centurion, but we service Gauteng, North West, Limpopo, KZN and the Western Cape. 

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Why is my extractor fan leaking oil?

A leaking extractor fan might have many causes.  ECS Deep Clean Industries are the specialists when it comes to extractor fan installations, extractor fan repair and cleaning thereof.

An extractor fan is certainly the hardest working appliance in all commercial kitchens, but often little to no attention is given to this highly beneficial appliance required by law in all commercial kitchens.  

Leaking extractor fans is a problem all commercial kitchens would like to avoid. The main purpose of an extractor fan is to trap dirt, grease and grime. But when your extractor fan starts leaking, it might drip on to burners and stove tops. A leaking extractor fan could have the following possible causes:

Your range hood needs cleaning – Over time, dirt, grease and grime build up in the range hoods and needs to be maintained and thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. Leaving this matter unattended could result in further damage that might require the extractor fan to be repaired or could hold a fire risk to your property.

Your filter might be full – Like most appliances that filter air, your range hood ventilates using one or a series of filters to catch air pollutants. Over time, these filters will become full or clogged with oil and grease. When that happens, it could influence the functioning of your range hood. When your extractor fan is maintained and cleaned regularly by professionals like ECS Deep Clean Industries, you can prevent full filters that drip onto burners and stove tops.

Your fan is not functioning properly – If a key component of your range hood is not functioning properly or not working completely, it is time for extractor fan repairs. A range hood fan that is not in working condition, can’t filter the air and trap the particles in the commercial kitchen. Should you notice your vent fan spinning to slow or not at all, this might also be due to a loose or broken fan belt.

Ventilation - A ducted extractor fan generally has leaking problems because of the ventilation. If there is a hole or tear in any of the air ducts, it could be allowing moisture in and that could be the source of your problem.

ECS Deep Clean Industries work around your schedule ensuring that your extractor fan maintenance is done at a convenient time. Preventative care is always better than a commercial kitchen shut down due to leaking extractor fans.

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