Kitchen Deep Cleaning can be defined as detailed cleaning of specific areas such as walls and floor and/or detailed cleaning of various equipment found in commercial/Industrial Kitchens. The kitchen deep cleaning service includes but is not limited to equipment such as stainless-steel tables, shelves, ovens etc.  It is common for fat and grease to build up to occur inside the extractor system of the kitchen. These fats, oils and grease then build-up on the fan unit of the system which has several risks involved as a result of the build-up.

The first and most obvious risk is a high fire hazard, these oils and fats are a highly flammable substance, and where this is a fire hazard in the normal commercial kitchen, it is especially so with the commercial kitchen where an open fire is used for flame grilling.

The other obvious risk is the health risk tied into the build-up of the fats and oils. The build-up serves as the perfect environment for harmful bacteria to thrive, and in a kitchen where a high room temperature exists, the fats and oils tend to melt and can then very easily contaminate the food being used for cooking. In terms of the extractor when the fats and oils melt it can run down and drip down into the food being prepared, posing serious health risks.

Another Risk involved with fats, oils and grease build-up is it can cause the fan to seize as the FOG can become cold and hardened restricting the movement of the fan impellers (blades). This is a very costly hazard and can easily be prevented through frequent and effective Kitchen Deep Cleaning service.

Despite it being a necessary maintenance procedure, it is also a legal requirement to clean your commercial kitchens’ extractor system on a regular basis as outlined in the SANS 18:50 bylaws.

ECS Deep Clean Industries has expertly trained staff to assist you with your kitchen deep cleaning requirements.

For the Deep Cleaning of your kitchens extractor system, a compliance certificate will be issued ensuring that no health inspector can fault or fine your kitchen system on safety or health hazards.

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Running a successful restaurant is already a challenge. Leave your Commercial Kitchen Cleaning to the professionals at ECS Deep Clean Industries.

Why should I hire a cleaning service for my commercial kitchen?

Your commercial kitchen needs to be running at all times. By hiring ECS Deep Clean Industries, you can be assured to have the cleaning specialists available when your kitchen is in need of a deep clean. ECS offers high-quality cleaning service for all commercial kitchens as well as a wide range of other services, including extraction system cleaning and certification, extraction system installation, industrial / commercial kitchen deep cleaning service, extraction system maintenance and repair, pizza ovens, tandoori ovens, charcoal grilling and other solid burning fuel systems, to name just a few.

Ensure your kitchen cleaning products are non-hazardous and food safe. ECS Deep Clean Industries is the leader in the commercial and industrial cleaning industry. Our cleaning products are non-hazardous, biodegradable and food safe to provide you with peace of mind and a clean kitchen free of bacteria, grease build up and filth. That is why you need the best cleaning services.

Saving you time. For peace of mind, you need a cleaning company that can accommodate your schedule. ECS adapts to your schedule saving you time.  Time is something there is never enough of.  Leave your deep cleaning to ECS Deep Clean Industries.  Our goal is building healthy, long-lasting relationships with our clients by delivering a service that exceeds expectations and creates trust between the service provider and consumer.

Make sure the company you choose to clean your kitchen is certified and affiliated with and/or endorsed by Governmental Agencies and independent associations. ECS Deep Clean Industries is certified and affiliated with and/or endorsed by Governmental Agencies and independent associations.  After the cleaning of your commercial or industrial kitchen, ECS will provide you with the necessary certification.

Hiring Professional Cleaners for the job at hand. ECS Deep Clean Industries are professionals the will follow industry standards and processes to ensure that the cleanliness of your restaurant is safe, sanitary, and compliant. Commercial kitchen cleaning is a great way to keep restaurant kitchens in the best shape. A good, deep cleaning will help eliminate germs, pests, as well as the spread of health issues.  Hire the best cleaning services in Pretoria for all your deep cleaning needs. 

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ECS Deep Clean Industries is a leader in the commercial and industrial kitchen cleaning industry.

When a build-up of Filth, oil and grease commonly referred to as FOG occurs inside an extractor system, the system can become contaminated with harmful bacteria resulting in a high health risk. The build-up of FOG also poses an increased fire hazard as it is highly flammable and is spread throughout the system which would allow a fire to spread rapidly.

Cleanliness and safety are not only an essential ingredient of a well-managed kitchen but also a mandatory requirement by The South African National Standards. The SANS1850 by law requires a deep clean of any commercial or trading extractor system to be cleaned every six months, failure to do so can result in hefty fines or even closure of a business.

  • Our extractor deep clean service is designed to remove grease build up on all internal surfaces. Our wide range of cleaning services include:
  • Extractor canopies including all types of filters
  • Extractor horizontal and vertical ductwork cleaning
  • Extractor fan cleaning
  • Extractor hoods and grills cleaning
  • Deep Clean of kitchen Equipment (excl. pots, pans and cutlery)
  • Deep Clean of Floors and Walls

In order to effectively clean kitchen surfaces, a degreaser soap must be used. ECS ensures the best quality soap is used during the deep clean service of your kitchen or extractor system. We use a chemical which is non-hazardous to humans, biodegradable and is completely food safe and can provide the MSDS Sheet to support this claim.

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ECS Deep Clean Industries offers specialised services in extractor system cleaning and the cleaning of various commercial kitchen equipment such as various types of ovens.

Rotisserie Ovens

Rotisserie ovens are particularly prone to increased amounts of fat and oil build-up. These fatty build-ups quickly become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria which if left uncleaned results in health and safety violation.

Solid burning fuel ovens

Solid Burning Fuel ovens such wood-fired pizza ovens pose a great fire hazard if not cleaned as regularly as every 4 months or more. The build-up of soot inside the dome and chimney is a highly flammable residue and with open fire being used there is the increased risk of fire. ECS cleans both the dome and chimney system as part of our oven cleaning service.

Not only does ECS clean all your kitchen equipment, but we also clean the various ovens used for the commercial or industrial kitchen today. These include your common microwave oven, conveyor oven, conventional oven and combination ovens.

Oven Cleaning is an important part of maintenance and safety for various reasons:
• Reduces fire risk
• Improves mechanical and operational efficiency
• Keeps heat levels properly calibrated
• Removes food and other debris so it can't contaminate the product
• Extends the life of your equipment
• Prevents more costly repairs down the road

ECS Deep Clean Industries offers a variety of commercial kitchen cleaning services. One such service is the cleaning of the extractor fan. This is a critical part of the cleaning process, as the fan is the heart of the system. The purpose of an extractor fan is to draw out the particles of fats, oils and grease contained in the steam and smoke derived from cooking into the ducting system.

Extractor fans are perfect for areas with minimal ventilation in the kitchen, especially kitchens located inside large buildings such as malls or shopping centres where natural ventilation is impossible. The extractor canopy located in the kitchen above the grilling and cooking space is the opening through which the extractor fan, usually located outside, sucks the smoke and steam. The purpose of the extractor system of which the extractor fan is a critical part is to avoid dangerously high-temperature build-up in your kitchen and to direct fats, oils, and grease into the ducting system.

The extractor fan is connected to a silencer which controls the noise output of the fan, it is important that this area is professionally cleaned and sealed from oil leaks to ensure optimal performance of both the fan and silencer. ECS Deep Clean Industries are experts in the servicing of commercial kitchen extractor fans, a service that requires specialized execution.

Upon completion of the extractor system cleaning, which includes the cleaning of the extractor fan, a compliance certificate is issued for that system. The certificate serves as proof that the system is OHASA and SANS compliant.

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