ECS Deep Clean Industries offers a variety of commercial kitchen cleaning services. One such service is the cleaning of the extractor fan. This is a critical part of the cleaning process, as the fan is the heart of the system. The purpose of an extractor fan is to draw out the particles of fats, oils and grease contained in the steam and smoke derived from cooking into the ducting system.

Extractor fans are perfect for areas with minimal ventilation in the kitchen, especially kitchens located inside large buildings such as malls or shopping centres where natural ventilation is impossible. The extractor canopy located in the kitchen above the grilling and cooking space is the opening through which the extractor fan, usually located outside, sucks the smoke and steam. The purpose of the extractor system of which the extractor fan is a critical part is to avoid dangerously high-temperature build-up in your kitchen and to direct fats, oils, and grease into the ducting system.

The extractor fan is connected to a silencer which controls the noise output of the fan, it is important that this area is professionally cleaned and sealed from oil leaks to ensure optimal performance of both the fan and silencer. ECS Deep Clean Industries are experts in the servicing of commercial kitchen extractor fans, a service that requires specialized execution.

Upon completion of the extractor system cleaning, which includes the cleaning of the extractor fan, a compliance certificate is issued for that system. The certificate serves as proof that the system is OHASA and SANS compliant.

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Cleaning your commercial kitchens’ extractor system is arguably one of the most critical parts of your kitchens upkeep and compliance. Reaching problem areas such as inside the ducting of the extractor system or in between the filter blades can be challenging for untrained kitchen staff and leaving these areas uncleaned poses a great threat to your compliance, health and safety in terms of being a fire hazard as fats and oil tend to build up in these hard to reach spaces.

You may wonder why is it important to keep your extractor system clean and compliant?

Your kitchen’s extractor system is designed to extract all the smoke and steam from the cooking process, included in the smoke and steam are particles of fats and oil collected from the grillers and food being cooked. These fats and oils then move through the filters collecting throughout the canopy hood and shaft, further going up into the ducting system moving toward the fan from where the suction of the system originates. The result of this process is a build-up of a highly flammable material referred to as FOG (fat, oil and grime).

You often see little telltale signs of this build-up has taken place, these include but are not limited to; poor suction of the extractor, oil leaking from filters or extractor canopies or even certain parts of your system’s ducting. When the FOG has built up to such a degree that these telltale signs to become evident, then the cleaning of your extractor system is most likely already overdue, and the system has become hazardous.

That leads us to the next question, how often is often enough for the cleaning of your extractor system?

South African National Standard (SANS) Bylaws regulate that a commercial kitchen extractor system should be cleaned at least every 6 months, that is the minimum prescribed regulation. Not all commercial kitchens can perform to the minimum prescribed regulation though, as some may fall under a high volume kitchen therefor increasing the speed at which FOG build up takes place in the extractor system.

ECS delivers the service per your requirement as we understand that not all our clients operate at the same volume or under the same circumstance. After your kitchens extractor system cleaning service, you will receive a compliance certificate for the system.  With every cleaning service carried out by ECS your system is assessed, should we find that the build-up in your system is too severe for a 6month cleaning schedule, we will provide a professional recommendation to that regard, suggesting the best way forward for your unique circumstance.

Here’s an example:

One of our clients operated his kitchen in a high-temperature environment (that is the climate of his location) which lead to the oil and fat build up in the system being unable to coagulate, the result was a frequent oil leak. After the systems assessment, ECS provided a specified recommendation to our client.

It is very important to have your extractor system serviced and maintained by a professional, failing to do so exposes your business to serious health and safety hazards. ECS’s experience has granted us the opportunity and ability to problem solve quickly and effectively, finding viable, simple and inexpensive solutions to our client’s extractor system challenges.

At ECS we understand how important it is for you to keep your kitchen running optimally at all times, after all, it is the heart of your business. We work around your schedule ensuring your business remains uninterrupted. We deliver the service that gives you peace of mind knowing that due diligence is taking care of itself.

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