Extractor systems play a crucial role in all commercial and industrial kitchens. These systems serve to ensure a healthy and conducive environment for all employees while cooking.

What is an extractor fan?

An Extractor fan is a mechanical fan that draws smoke, steam, and evaporated fats and grease out of the air, allowing for a fresh airflow in your kitchen. Extractor systems are a vital component when it comes to commercial and industrial kitchens. If this system is kept clean and serviced regularly, this will help clean the air in your commercial kitchen.

Benefits of extractor fans in commercial kitchens?

Clean and fresh air Extraction systems help protect your work environment by eliminating potentially harmful inhalants. Because commercial extraction systems are so efficient at cleaning the air, they also help cut down on the growth of bacteria, germs, and mould.

How Often does my extraction system need cleaning?

Extraction system cleaning serves a far higher purpose than just ensuring a clean-looking extraction system. The kitchen extraction system might appear clean on the outside but what about inside the duct? Extraction system cleaning is a requirement in every commercial kitchen that prepares food on a commercial level as it assists in the o prevention of fires and health risks such as mould, airborne bacteria, and moisture accumulating on ceilings and/or walls.

Frequent inspection of your commercial kitchen extraction system is vital to prevent fires and to pass health inspections. All commercial kitchen extraction systems need cleaning, though the frequency of these may vary due to operational output and types of food being prepared.

Most commonly these extraction systems need cleaning every 6 months and if you are using charcoal-burning ovens such as Pizza Ovens, Tandoori Ovens, or other burning fuel systems, you should have those extraction systems checked and cleaned every 4 months.

Is the inspection of your extractor fans and commercial kitchen necessary?

Absolutely. These systems are made to prevent fires When it comes to fire hazards and the safety of your employees, clients, and your property it is critical to ensure safety measures are followed. Ensuring all extractor fans are in working and proper condition regularly and having the system serviced regularly is an absolute necessity in every commercial kitchen.

When it comes to inspection of your commercial kitchen, there is no need to feel insecure about what the inspector might find. Being a qualified services provider, ECS Deep Clean Industries will ensure that you pass every inspection, every time. ECS Deep Clean Industries provides you with a certificate for the cleaning and servicing of your extraction system. Safety always comes first, and prevention is better than cure. Phone ECS Deep Clean Industries today for your quotation.

We are the Deep Cleaning Specialists when it comes to commercial kitchen cleaning.


At ECS we understand how important it is for you to keep your kitchen running optimally at all times, after all, it is the heart of your business. Extraction system cleaning serves a far higher purpose than just ensuring a clean looking extraction system. The kitchen extraction system might appear clean on the outside but have you checked inside?


Cleaning and Maintenance of Extractor Systems


The cleaning and maintenance of the ventilation and ducting systems is a highly specialized process with many health and safety risks if not done in a professional and responsible manner. Ventilation and ducting systems facilitate the discharge of the fumes and smoke from the preparation areas in the kitchen.

ECS Deep Clean Industries specializes in the cleaning of commercial and industrial kitchen extraction systems nationwide. The cleaning service includes the specialized cleaning of the canopy, filters, tanks, fat traps, ventilation, chimney, ducting, fan, motor, cowls. Our cleaning services are carried out in accordance with SANS regulations.


Purpose of an extractor fan?

Prevention is better than cure. Taking preventative measures will not only ensure your commercial kitchen is a safe working environment but will save you money on repairs and the discomfort of noisy fans taking over the kitchen. An extractor fan is certainly the hardest working appliance in all commercial kitchens, but often little to no attention is given to this highly beneficial appliance required by law in all commercial kitchens. Extractor systems play a crucial role in all commercial kitchens and serve to ensure a healthy and conducive environment for cooking. The extractor fan exchanges hot kitchen air for cool outside air and this, in turn, reduces the risk of health problems for kitchen employees as the extractor fan removes carbon monoxide from the air. 

Extractor Inspection

There are certain requirements that an extractor fan (in any industrial kitchen space) must adhere to. The ventilation system is installed to control air movement in such a way that it will not lead to discomfort for the employees in the kitchen. 

ECS Deep Clean Industries delivers a full extractor system inspection whilst performing the cleaning service of that system every time! We check for leaks in the ducting, we lookout for rust or un-repairable holes that can occur in old systems. We inspect the extractor filters for the condition of the panels inside the extractor filter as well as making sure there is no abrasion on the filter which can lead to the filter breaking or preventing proper suction through it.


Supply and Install

We supply your extraction system installation equipment with the added value of being able to install and certify your system. Safety always comes first, and prevention is better than cure. Phone ECS Deep Clean Industries today for your quotation.

We are Deep Cleaning Specialists when it comes to commercial kitchen cleaning.

Cleaning your commercial kitchen canopy in-house

Industrial and commercial extractor fans are used to remove cooking emissions and steam from the industrial or commercial kitchen.  With today's modernized extractor systems we know that they are more functional than older versions of extractor fans and equipped with many different types of filters to minimize the build-up of grease and grime.

Even though these modernized extractor systems can remove most of the grease, steam, and debris from the air, they still need to be cleaned properly and certified by a professional cleaning company. Without the proper cleaning procedure, you are building a breeding ground for unwanted bacteria and germs in your kitchen.

Can I Clean My Commercial Or Industrial Extractor System Myself?

Cleaning your Commercial kitchen in-house can be very dangerous and is not advised. Cleaning a commercial or industrial kitchen extractor system yourself can be compared to a fireman trying to extinguish a fire without foam or water. No doubt that this will be an impossible task to accomplish without the right equipment.

Cleanliness and safety are not the only essential ingredients of a well-managed kitchen but also a mandatory requirement by The South African National Standards (SANS). Due to the importance of the components in the extraction system, this crucial kitchen component needs to be maintained and deep cleaned regularly.

What Are The Implications Of Cleaning Your Extractor fan?

Without proper maintenance, nothing can function normally. Extractor fans are composed of many important parts and filters in order to provide you with a safe working environment in your commercial or industrial kitchen.

Should one of the extractor fans' main components stop working (whether it be lack of cleaning or maintenance) the restaurant runs the risk of a fire or upon health inspection, closure due to failure to comply with the Health and Safety Regulations.

For the safe preparation, handling, and serving of food, your commercial kitchen needs to comply with rigorous Health & Safety Standards. The SANS1850 by law requires a deep clean of any commercial or trading extractor system to be cleaned every six months, failure to do so can result in a hefty fine or even closure of a business.

Dangers of un-cleaned extraction systems:

  • Major fire risk;
  • Reduced efficiency of your extraction system causing your kitchen to smoke up;
  • Causes oil build-up to leak through duct joints, damaging ceilings, and staining walls;
  • Provides the ideal breeding ground for bacteria and unpleasant odors;
  • Environmental health hazard;
  • Serving of contaminated food;
  • Endangering the lives of your commercial kitchen staff;

Failure to carry out regular extraction system cleaning presents a significant risk to your business. Apart from the fire risk, an uncleaned extraction system poses a significant health risk. ECS Deep Clean Industries are experts in the servicing of commercial kitchen extractor fans, a service that requires specialized execution. Upon completion of the extractor system cleaning, which includes the cleaning of the extractor fan, a compliance certificate is issued for that system. The certificate serves as proof that the system is OHASA and SANS compliant.

ECS Deep Clean Industries ensures the best quality soap is used during the deep clean service of your commercial kitchen or extractor system. ECS Deep Clean Industries use a chemical which is non-hazardous to human, biodegradable and is completely food safe. We can provide the MSDS Sheet to support this claim.

Finding a canopy cleaning specialist in Pretoria has never been so easy. Go to our website, www.ecsdci.co.za, select the date for which you require our services, and submit. Alternatively, you can call us for your quotation.

ECS Deep Clean Industries have many services to offer. Not only are we your canopy cleaning specialist in Pretoria, but we also install and maintain extractor canopies. For a full list of services by ECS Deep Clean Industries, please visit our website www.ecsdci.co.za or phone us.

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With another year starting, ECS Deep Clean Industries would like to thank all of our loyal customers who supported us during 2020. Let's make 2021 the year for stronger partnerships, more business opportunities, and success.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning In The Covid 19 Pandemic

With the coronavirus infection rate, most restaurants' trading hours have been affected as well as the number of diners in a restaurant was decreased. The time to be more vigilant towards your commercial and industrial kitchen's hygiene and sanitation of work surfaces, equipment, floors, and walls, is now.

Safety Of Employees In Commercial And Industrial Kitchens

ECS Deep Clean Industries provides services for deep cleaning and sanitation of commercial and industrial kitchen extractor fans, surfaces, walls, and floors. With the global pandemic still on our doorstep, ECS provides you with peace of mind when it comes to the sanitation of your industrial or commercial kitchen surfaces, walls, and floors. With the use of specific food-safe chemicals, we remove the grime, dirt, and dirt in compliance with the health and safety regulations and ensure the best practice principles.

How to ensure your restaurant is compliant with the protocols:

  • Ensure that all high-touch areas such as surfaces, door handles, taps, cabinet doors, and cooking equipment be sanitized and cleaned frequently. These are the surfaces that are touched most throughout the day and the risk of cross-contamination is higher in such working spaces if not properly cleaned. It is still unclear as to how long the virus can survive on different types of surfaces and therefore the importance to keep all surfaces and high touch areas clean and sanitized at all times.
  • Ensure that all employees make time for increased hand washing routines. Cross-contamination can take place at any given time. When working with food, your employees must increase the frequency with which they wash their hands.
  • Sanitize your commercial or industrial kitchen after each business day. Sanitizing will not only help protect yourself and your employees but also your customers. Ensuring that your premises is sanitized and properly cleaned, is essential to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Practice proper safety and sanitation guidelines throughout the business day. As with all our staff employed at ECS Deep Clean Industries, all staff must wear a face mask at all times, not only to help protect the employee against the virus but prevents cross-contamination in the workplace.

Without proper sanitation and deep cleaning of your commercial kitchen, cross-contamination can occur in any commercial or industrial kitchen as bacteria and viruses grow on surfaces.

ECS Deep Clean Industries introduced a few new services to our existing services at the end of 2020. Not only do we specialize in deep cleaning of all commercial and industrial kitchens, we now specialize in the sanitizing of commercial and industrial kitchens and solar panel cleaning as well.

ECS Deep Clean Industries strives to provide every restaurant owner with peace of mind with food-safe chemicals and a clean industrial or commercial kitchen. Our goal is to build healthy, long-lasting relationships with all clients, through delivering a service that exceeds expectations and creates trust between the service provider and consumer.

We apply every effort to increase our knowledge in all innovations in the industry to serve our customers with the latest services and equipment in their business.

Phone ECS Deep Clean Industries today for all commercial and industrial kitchen cleaning requirements. 

ECS - Professional service every time 

December is certainly the busiest time of year when it comes to people's desires to go out for breakfast, lunch, or dinner during the holidays. Have you prepared your extraction system in advance for the month ahead?

Extractor Cleaning Services are a necessity when it is almost time for the December holidays. Ensuring that your kitchen can be functional, operational, and compliant at all times during the holiday will benefit your business. Maintaining your extractor system prevents "downtime" in your commercial kitchen. Cleaning your commercial extractor system is one of the most important aspects of your commercial kitchen and is not advised to be cleaned in-house.

There are professional extractor cleaning specialists such as ECS Deep Clean Industries that not only maintains your extractor system but keep your commercial kitchen's extractor system up to standard.

Benefits of using ECS Deep Clean Industries in your commercial and industrial kitchen:

* All our technicians are certified
* Certificate of compliance after the thorough cleaning of your extractor system
* Ensuring a safe and compliant working environment
* All our products are food-safe chemicals

Contact ECS Deep Clean Industries today for your commercial and industrial extractor cleaning services in Pretoria.

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